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Changing directions in a new economy

So with my shiny new degree in my hand I have started my search for a career. Gone are the days of taking any job that comes along to pay the bills, now I am looking for the career that makes me happy to get up in the morning. So how does a person go about finding that ideal position, the one that makes you feel fulfilled, makes you happy to participate in the rat race of life.

My journey begins with an ending. A job that I have had for a while is no longer there and my hunt for a career begins quicker than what I had expected. I had planned on enjoying the summer, and then taking the time to figure out what I really want and what sort of occupation I was looking for. Now I have to compete with the thousands of others that are looking while not having a real backup or plan. Well my schooling should have prepared me for this exact situation right? So off I go, trolling the online job sites for anything that sounds remotely interesting and trying to correlate the similarities between them to find something new. Why do all these job offers sound like scams? How are they supposed to fall in love with my charming sense of humor and great personality from me filling out a form online and praying someone gets back to me.

Ahh the frusteration…. I feel like a girl waiting for that one boy to notice her and ask her to the dance…. why are businesses not running to me offering me a great job with tons of benefits and a big fat paycheck? Apparently I have been missled by the professors and advisors that told me all I really needed was that nice piece of paper that said “Yes I attended college, I showed up, put in effort, and was rewarded with all these skills and expectations”… Why ohh why do I have such high hopes and expectations? Especially in an economy that has an educated labor force that has over 10% unemployment. I blame my mother and the notion in youth soccer that everyone gets a trophy. Did I really work hard? Do I deserve a job? Well the anwser in yes. But I dont really remember having the coach tell me that yes I am a good player and yes I performed well but due to budget cuts there will be no trophys. Therefore I expect the jobs to be throwing themselves at me like a Justin Bieber fan in a mall.

With my balloon sufficiently deflated I begin the journey to discovering what career will benefit most from my skills. We shall see where this goes…


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